In order to determine digital literacy, we must primary define the digital environment as we know this, a world the place that the Internet is a part of everyday activities. The key phrase digital world is mostly to become used in conjunction with digital literacy, which refers to being able to use the Internet and digital technology to successfully interact with other folks. The digital world also includes the employment and use of digital units, such as digicams, digital machines, cell phones, online video recorders, video game systems and other electronic multimedia. A few other instances of digital equipment include wrist watches, calculators and the iPod.

Through this new digital world there are lots of forms of connection, such as email-based, social networking, blogging, video conferences, podcasts and more. Digital equipment are used to retail store, retrieve, share information and entertainment around the Internet. The online world has changed substantially during the last twenty years which new focus on information and entertainment is certainly creating a new focus in education. Kids who are certainly not in school happen to be employing digital products to fulfill their social, educational and money needs.

The net can be contacted and intended for many applications, but probably the most important aspects of the digital world which we are living in is holding and accessing personal data. This data is often stored on the computer or laptop. Pcs and notebook computers have now become an essential part of our daily lives and a lot people today rely greatly on they to keep up with close friends and business contacts. These devices also shop important information about people such as name, treat, phone number, email and more. Storage personal info on pcs and notebook computers has triggered much level of privacy issues and many people stress about the possibility of identification theft and other such offences due to the huge amounts of personal info that can be thieved through these products.