Club of Florence was formed in 1917 to bring mutually a group of individuals interested in world-wide relations, including artwork, science, reading, politics, business, and athletics. The club hosted a dining and music in honor of Theodore Roosevelt, sometime later it was in that 12 months, the Earliest Lady visited the tavern with her husband, Ruler Edward VIII. Florence was at the time a little community merely south of Louisville.

In the mid-twentieth hundred years, the club merged when using the American Legion and became a volunteer general meetings of issuing companies organization that worked under the direction of General Bernard Montgomery Burns up. It once again became a major member of socioeconomic clubs and local cultural businesses. It was instrumental in hosting the initial International Trade Good of the world in Florence in 1947. The club even now plays a serious role today in regional economic development. It has been aiming to attract people of talent to work for its own benefit by organizing play events including the annual Golf club of Florencia Repertory Treatment room Festival.

The club continues to be trying to produce a strong existence in the community, employing recent years seems to have declined drastically, almost certainly due to deficiency of membership. A number of the other ancient societies own revived the CLUB of FLORENCE, especially the International legion of volunteers, whose people live in or near Florencia. This group is now in its third years. Many squad supporters will be volunteering to assist the soccer team continue their good do the job. One of their very own goals should be to raise money for scholarships and to help the club continue its great work.